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Following a further review of tee booking arrangements a week after allowing fourballs as sanctioned by the Scottish Government and also in response to enquiries from members, we are now allowing members to introduce guests with effect from Monday 20th July.

The charge for guests this year is as follows:
• £15 if booked within 7 days
• £18 if booked outwith 7 days

In appreciation of the wonderful support that you, our members, have shown the Club throughout the lockdown period, the Board has decided that members who were members as at 1st April 2020 may introduce guests without charge as follows:
• 7 Day Members – 6 guests
• 6 Day, 5 Day and Young Adult Members – 3 guests

This scheme will run from Monday 20th July to Saturday 31st October.
All guests must be introduced in accordance with the Bye Laws of the Club, available in the Members Hub under Club - Documents - Governance which can be summarised thus:
• Guests are not permitted to play on the day of a major competition until all players in that competition have teed off.
• A member may not introduce more than one guest before 5.00pm on Saturdays or Sundays or after that time on other days except with the permission of the Club Manager or the Professional or their deputy.

In the case of guests being introduced where there is no charge, the existing restrictions on the frequency of visit by the guest will be waived meaning such guests may be introduced as often and as frequently as a member wishes.

Keith Nicholson
Club Manager
17th July 2020

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