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WHS Update
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WHS Update

We are now able to access members’ score records and start fixing the various anomalies that have been reported. We were also waiting for the historical record of scores to be restored in Clubv1, the system we use for handicap management but that has now happened and can get on with fixing the various things that went wrong in the transition to the WHS. If anyone is still without a handicap index and needs one for the winter competitions or a competition at another club, please let us know right away if you haven’t already done so.

If you have downloaded the Scottish Golf app, it should now be up and running, showing you are member of Baberton, showing your handicap index and score record and with the facility to submit general play scores. At the moment, it isn’t possible to submit general play scores but do check that you have the general play button and that it is active. If you have a problem with the app, it’s best to report it directly to Scottish Golf using the contact form at https://scottishgolf.org .

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