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Membership 2019/20

Membership is open to the whole community without discrimination. We warmly welcome new playing or social members and have a wide range of membership types and payment options to suit everyone. Our subscription year runs from November to October. Subscriptions are calculated on a monthly pro rata basis after November.

• 7 day membership - Annual subscription £900* or £75 by monthly direct debit. 

• 6 day membership (Sun-Fri) Annual subscription £810.00* or  £67.50 by monthly direct debit.

• 5 day Membership (Mon-Fri) - Annual subscription £675.00* or £56.25 by monthly direct debit at no extra cost.

• Low or Modest Income
As a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) Baberton is open to the whole community including those on low or modest incomes and offers an inclusive 6- Day membership at an annual cost of £520 or £43.33 per month by monthly direct debit. Anyone who cannot afford full membership should apply to the Club Manager and be able to demonstrate that the full cost of membership is not affordable to them. Each application will be considered on its merits.

• Young Adult – (18 to 30 years) No joining fee. Annual subscription:

Age 18 to 19 – £207*
Age 20 to 21 – £270*
Age 22 to 25 – £405*
Age 26 to 30 – £540*

Pay annual subscription in full or monthly direct debit.

• Junior, Minor & Juvenile (8 to 17 years)No joining fee. Annual subscription:

Juvenile – 8 to 11 – £50
Minor – 12 to 14 – £75
Junior – 15 to 17 – £100

* All golfers 18 and older must pay an additional £14.50 to
Scottish Golf Limited and gentlemen a further £1.50 Lothians’ Golf Association Fees.

Social membership - £108 inclusive of VAT
Corporate membershipCan be tailored to your specific requirements. Please contact our Club Manager to discuss.

Flexible membershipWe offer a limited number of flexible memberships. This will provide 12 rounds at £336  with added member benefits. Please contact our Club Manager to discuss.

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