Programme of Works for Winter 2016/2017

Programme of Work for Winter 2016/2017
Update January 2017


We have carried out re-turfing work to the right hand side of the 6th green, the 13th green surround, behind the 16th green and around the 17th green surround.

Path ends will be re-turfed in March, once the worst of the winter weather is behind us.


Regular aeration has been carried out on the greens, tees and fairways this winter. Greens have been solid tined twice using 8mm diameter tines to a depth of 75mm and also deep tined using the Air2G2 machine to a depth of 250mm as well as releasing compressed air to help relieve compaction and aid root development.

Tees have been solid tined to a depth of 75mm using 8mm diameter tines. Fairways have been verti-drained to a depth of 150mm using 20mm diameter tines to help relieve compaction, aid drainage capabilities and root development (1st, 2nd, 15th, 16th and 18th fairways are still to be completed)

We plan to solid tine the greens twice more this winter and use the Air2G2 machine again in March.

Tree Work/Woodland Management

During periods of cold/frosty weather we have been carrying out tree management work at the 3rd & 4th greens, 9th fairway and the plantation between the 9th, 10th and 11th holes. This work helps to improve air movement/light which is important to turf health, helps reduce lost balls/slow play and generally creates a tidier and neater golf course.
Rough Management

A number of areas have been cut back across the course using a flail mower. It is our intention to maintain most of these areas as cut rough going into the season which will help speed of play and hopefully reduce lost balls, whilst improving the aesthetics of the golf course. Areas that have been cut back include:

• Left hand side of the 2nd hole
• The area of gorse between the 3rd and 4th holes
• Right hand side of the 6th hole
• Right hand side of the 9th and 10th holes
• Behind the 13th winter green/14th tee

Refurbishment of Course Furniture

This has been worked on when weather has been too poor to carry out tasks on the course. We will have all furniture completed by the start of the new season.

1st Hole

We hope to begin work later this month which will involve planting further trees on both sides of the fairway, softening off the humps at the approach to the green/extending the putting surface and potentially adding two new bunkers.


Work is progressing well and we are on schedule to complete the programme by early spring. We have been fortunate that the weather on the whole so far has been very good and fairly dry. It is key that we can be flexible and have a variety of tasks which suit both good and poor weather patterns.

Gary McKenna
Course Manager