The figures on the accompanying document, Member Survey – Results, tell only a small part of the story and so I am detailing some of what can be described as an ‘Action Plan’ to address the major matters you raised. Some are already being addressed but this should give a fuller picture.

Let me first of all acknowledge that lessons must be learned from past events and it is one of your Board’s primary objectives this year to maintain a period of relative stability on the course and in the clubhouse. Your Board has no plans at present for any reconstruction of any part of the course, the completion of works on the first hole being the only outstanding work in this regard.


Probably the most common comments regarding the course were the amount and severity of the areas of rough and the condition of some of the bunkers.

The programme of winter works is available on the Notice Board and our website (Members – Course Update – Programme of Works for Winter 2015/2016 – Rough Management Section) giving a hole by hole breakdown of our plans regarding the rough from which you will see that  action is being taken on 14 of our holes.

Much work was planned for bunker improvements although the full programme will not be completed because of the amount of extra work our greenkeepers are undertaking on the first hole.


The December survey reveals an improvement in members’ satisfaction with customer service but we recognise that there is still much more to be done.

We simply have to be more welcoming and friendly to our customers, both members and visitors. This will involve all staff employed in the Clubhouse. Two Board Members, Angela McArthur and Alan Gammie, have been tasked with overseeing this improvement.


As stated in my introduction, we are entering a period of stability on the course and in the clubhouse and, as reported at the recent Annual General Meeting, we consider we have a strong control over our current and future finance requirements.

The quality of email communication between the office and you, our members, is neither up to the standard that you rightly expect nor up to the standard that your Board finds acceptable. Plans are in hand to address this issue.


The quality and availability of catering is far and away the most important aspect of Clubhouse Services. There appears to be general satisfaction with our ‘Social Calendar’ and with the physical aspects of our clubhouse. The quality of catering scores very highly with both members and visitors. We have recently changed the catering hours to start at 11.00am from Monday to Friday during the winter in line with the bar hours because there is insufficient demand from members before that time. Catering will continue to start at 10.00am on Saturdays and Sundays and we will review opening hours as the better weather comes in and in line with demand.  


While we are pleased to see that there has been some improvement recorded in our overall satisfaction score, we hope to see further improvement in future surveys as we address the issues raised by our members.

Alan Goodman
Club Captain
15th February 2016