November 2017 Course Report

Golf Course Report – Nov 2017




We have had a mixed bag of weather this month beginning with a dry, fairly mild start and then ending with a wet spell followed by hard frosts! The overall rainfall total has been 40mm which is relatively low for this time of year and average temperatures have been around 7 degrees which is standard. The weather has thankfully not held us back to much with regards winter projects and we have managed to carry on with work as planned.


Work on the course


  • Greens


The greens remain in good health for the time of year and we appreciate the positive comments from members regarding this. The scarring on certain greens from the anthracnose disease which I mentioned last month is beginning to recover and this has been helped in part by over-seeding work and applications of seaweed to help assist germination.


The greens have received a granular, slow release 3.0.6 (organic fertiliser) which will give up to 14 weeks longevity and help keep the greens healthy through the main part of the winter. We have also applied our monthly application of chelated iron, phosphite and potassium to help harden the grass against wear and tear & weather extremes.


I mentioned last month that we have been trialling a new product called Rocastem which helps to remove excess moisture from within the rootzone, pulls fine and silt particles down through the profile and generally improves the firmness of the putting surface. We have applied 4 (weekly) applications as recommended and there has definitely been a marked improvement which we are really happy with. We will look to use this product again in early spring next year as well.


Finally the greens were given a light top-dressing of 9 tonnes (over all greens) This has taken our total output to circa 110 tonnes for the year which we are pleased with despite the very wet summer. Our overall target for next year is 120 tonnes.


  • Tees/Aprons


We are now utilising winter tees and the use of tee mats to help spread wear and tear and protect the course through the winter. I know that mats are never well received but extra money has been spent to replace/upgrade the previous mats with better quality ones. Our aim (longer term) is to have a mat at each hole during the winter period as this allows the main tees to get a rest and be in the best possible condition prior to the start of each season.







  • Winter Programme Work


We are now well into our winter programme and you will have noticed a number of jobs being carried out or indeed completed across the course. These include:


  1. Re-turfing beside the 6th green and rear/font of the 17th Both these jobs have been carried out to improve the aesthetics and playability of these areas.
  2. Bunker work has begun at the 10th and 13th This has involved removing two bunkers and re-shaping the remaining three. The new bunkers have had drainage added, a revetted edge installed and type 1 aggregate spread and consolidated prior to a new liner being installed next month (December)
  3. Drainage work around the 2nd tees and a new path at the 3rd tees is also on-going and will be completed shortly.
  4. I.S have been on-site over the last 2 weeks to complete the renewal of the mains pipe work which carries the water to the sprinklers on greens and tees across the course.


Other tasks


  • Irrigation system has been drained down and decommissioned for winter
  • Leaf clearance is on-going and is a daily/weekly task
  • A start has been made to cleaning/painting tee furniture
  • Mowing of greens, tees and aprons is continuing where necessary and also weather dependant



Plans for next month


  • Complete drainage work around the 2nd tees and complete the new path at the 3rd tee
  • Solid tine greens using a 13mm diameter tine to a depth of 75mm
  • Solid tine aprons/tees using 19mm diameter tines to a depth of 75mm
  • Begin verti-draining fairways
  • Spread and shape rootzone around new bunkers at 10th and 13th



Gary McKenna

 Course Manager