Function Booking

The member making the boring must be in attendance at all times durtingPlease provide us with some details about your function and familiarise yourself with the licensing and other conditions we must observe at the bottom of the form. Call us if you are not sure about anything.


1. The member making the booking must be in attendance at all times during the function and confirms that he or she accepts responsibility for the behaviour of all guests in or around the clubhouse, and acknowledges liability for any damage caused by anyone attending the function.

2. If there will be more than 10 guests for each member attending, the Club Manager will decide whether an occasional licence is required to conform with licensing regulations.

3. If the member booking confirms that there will be at least one member for every 10 guests the following conditions apply:

  • the names of members taken into account in reaching the 10:1 ratio should be added above; and
  • all of those named must be in attendance at all times during the function.

4. The Club Manager must be advised in good time of cancellation.

5. The club will not be responsible for personal belongings of guests, or for any equipment brought into the clubhouse by entertainers, disco operators etc.

6. Any equipment brought into the clubhouse must comply with all relevant safety standards.

7. Children must be supervised in all areas of the clubhouse at all times.

8. Sellotape or similar products must never be sed to stick messages, balloons and the like to any part of the clubhouse.

9. Only food or drink purchased on the premises may be consumed on the premises.

10. If an occasional licence is not to be obtained please list the names of the members attending in the notes box above.