The Council of National Golf Unions (CONGU) is the authorised handicapping body for golfers in Great Britain and Ireland. Your handicap is allocated to you and administered by the Club in accordance with the CONGU Unified Handicapping System 2016-2018.

Obtaining a CONGU Competition Handicap

To obtain a CONGU Competition Handicap, you must submit scores for a total of 54 holes which may be from any permutation of 9-hole or 18-hole cards. 9-hole scores must be from the Designated Nine-hole Course, namely the first nine holes of the blue course for ladies and of the yellow course for men.

For 18-hole cards, men may play from the white or yellow tees and ladies may play from the red or blue tees. The same coloured tees must be used throughout the round and each card must state which tees were used. If playing ‘for handicap’ in a competition, you must play off the competition tee of the day but you cannot take part in that competition and your score is not included in the CSS calculation. Both you and your marker (who must have a CONGU handicap) must sign the card. You should mark ‘FOR HANDICAP’ on all your cards and hand them in to the Manager’s office. If you have previously held a handicap at another club, no  matter how long ago, you must tell the Manager.

Your handicap will be based on the scores you return, but the Handicap Committee will take your playing history and any previous handicap into account. It may also consider other relevant factors which could indicate that a lower handicap would be more appropriate to your ability than indicated by the scores. In exceptional circumstances, you may be allocated a higher handicap than indicated. If your scores indicate a handicap higher than the Competition Handicap maximum of 28 for men and 36 for ladies, you will be offered a CONGU Club Handicap (see below).

At its absolute discretion, the Club may decline to allot a handicap until a standard of play, acceptable to the Club, has been attained.

Retaining a CONGU Competition Handicap

Unless you obtained your competition handicap in the current year, you must submit a minimum of three scores from Qualifying Competitions or Supplementary Scores by 31st December. Qualifying Competitions may be over 9 or 18 holes and played at home or away. If you do not submit a minimum of three cards in a year, your handicap will lose its competition status from 1st January. This means that you will not be able to enter or continue in any competition, home or away, in which a CONGU Competition Handicap is required. You will still, however, hold a valid CONGU Handicap.

Reinstatement of Competition Status

To regain competition status, you must submit 3 Qualifying Scores (Competition or Supplementary). Your cards should be marked “For Reinstatement” and returned to the Manager’s Office. The Committee is required to review the handicap indicated by the scores, taking into account any relevant factors. The reinstated Competition Handicap may be higher or lower than the previous one.

The CONGU Club Handicap

The CONGU Club Handicap provides a handicap in the range 29 (37) to 54 to players – men, women and juniors. It is offered to players whose Competition Handicap reaches an exact 28 (36) and to players whose scores submitted for a new handicap or for reinstatement of competition status indicate a handicap higher than 28 (36). Club Handicap holders are eligible to enter specified club competitions.

Supplementary Scores

A maximum of 10 Supplementary Scores per season may be returned by players in Categories 2 to 4 (5) and no more than one per week (Sunday to Saturday). Supplementary Scores may be from the player’s home club or from an away club of which he is a member. Players in Category 1 whose handicap is in the range 2.5 to 5.4 may also submit up to 10 Supplementary Scores as above but these must be from the home club. Category 1 players in the range 2.4 and below may only submit Supplementary Scores between 1 September and 31st December and then only to the extent required to retain Competition status. Players holding a CONGU Club Handicap may submit as many Supplementary Scores as they wish, as often as they wish.

Supplementary Scores must be played over a Measured Course. If you wish to submit a Supplementary Score, you must advise the Starter before you commence your round and you must also enter your name into the ‘Supplementary Scores Book’ held in the Professional’s Shop. You must note which tees you played from on your card. The card must be signed by yourself and your marker who must have a CONGU handicap. You should note ‘SUPPLEMENTARY SCORE’ on the card and hand it in to the Manager’s office or the Pro shop.

Ladies may also put it in the Handicap Secretary’s tray in the Ladies Locker room. Supplementary Scores will be recorded in your handicap record and handicaps will be adjusted using the SSS of the course.

Any queries about your handicap should be addressed to